New Collection - Fjelltopp

New Collection

In a range of feminine and versatile shapes, each frame in the collection is made from comfortable acetate with beautiful print and layered details
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Introducing Summer Sun - Fjelltopp

Introducing Summer Sun

We’re starting the summer with 17 (!) new sunglasses—a mixture of best-selling frames in new colors and new frames in best-selling colors. 
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Why we see differently - Fjelltopp

Why we see differently

Look, everyone is different, right?  So many factors come into play when choosing and wearing glasses.
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The eyes have it - Fjelltopp

The eyes have it

The problem with many sunglasses is eyestrain - too many lenses are made with defects that can impair the wearers vision, and result in headaches and strain.
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Introducing Maker Edition - Fjelltopp

Introducing Maker Edition

For our newest made-in-Canada collection, we’re turning—and deservingly so—the focus back to the makers. The level of craftsmanship has never been higher.

The name pays homage to the process and attention to detail that went into bringing this collection to life. Each frame is precision-welded by hand and entirely hand-finished, with custom tooling to get the dimensions and details just right.

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Style inspiration - Fjelltopp

Style inspiration

A twist on a classic tortoiseshell look – a pale pink mottled pattern on the front is perfectly offset by layered brow detail with crystal-clear and dark jade green.
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